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Repetitive Strain Injuries have attracted alot of attention because of the rising number of cases among computer users, but they are also becoming increasingly more common among musicians. Often they are brought on by intensive practicing, nerve-racking auditions, and strenuous performance schedules. Symptoms may include pain, numbness or loss of motor coordination anywhere from the tips of the fingers up to the shoulders and neck.

Prevention and treatment begin with rest and relaxation. Further treatment can include stretching exercises, physical therapy, occupational therapy/retraining, Feldenkrais or Alexander lessons, massage, yoga or meditation. Surgery should be avoided until other methods of treatment have been pursued. The first step should be the diagnosis of the problem by a physician.

I have had a Repetitive Strain Injury, and invite you to read my own personal account or to contact me for further information at beckner@tadmusic.com .

For more information:

I have an RSI Links page with links to additional web sites and books.

New Scientist has a recent article on recovery through sensory retraining.

Visit the Musicians and Injuries site.

Read Dr. Pascarelli's book, "Repetitive Strain Injury:A Computer User's Guide." Order now from Amazon.com. Coming from a medical perspective, it explains two dozen types of RSI and related conditions and their treatment. My injury, focal dystonia, was diagnosed by Dr. Pascarelli, a noted authority on the subject.

Another excellent book is "The Art of Practicing" by Madeline Bruser, also available from Amazon.com. It presents a healthy approach to making music which can help to relieve physical and mental tension.

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