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Welcome to the Music Studio of Thomas Beckner. In the studio playing and learning are integrated with the latest computer music technology. First students master their pieces on piano or guitar, and then can try them on digital piano or synthesizer. Students learn to record their music as MIDI files or digital audio and can bring home their finished product on CD.

Family and friends can listen anytime, anywhere to the


Enjoy listening to the Student's most recent performances.

This year's Recital Party will be on Sunday, March 17, 2013 at the Frank and Camilles Piano Store!!!!

The first lesson is always FREE and your lesson rate will never go up for as long as you continue taking lessons. There is a discount for additional family members, and if you refer a friend for lessons you also receive another FREE lesson!!!

Current rates are $35 per half hour lesson. $60 per hour for families.

For more information about rates and availability contact the Thomas Beckner Music Studio at

NEW this year is the Grand Piano Master Program for the most ambitious students only.

Home Music Production Lessons
Thomas Beckner Links Contact

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