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This is a practice intensive program for goal oriented students who would like to get to Carnegie Hall.

In addition to two mandatory one hour lessons per week, each student must practice scales and exercises for 3 hours per day.

After three months you will be ready for an actual piece of music. (green folder level)

After 6 months you will receive your tuxedo.

At 12 months you will be given the Bow Tie Workout Test and be presented with your bow tie. (after paying the bow tie fee)

At 18 months, should you choose to continue your training (no refunds are allowed), you will have attained the Silver and Gold Sequined Cape level.

And after two years a Grand Piano will be delivered to your house

How much does all this cost? Well it's right there in the title. Only $ 1,000 dollars per month, paid in advance.

If after all this you still want to get to CARNEGIE HALL please consult directions below.


How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
Turn left on 57th Street.

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